the Shocker: Legit

by Max Landis

Chapter 1: Hello, My Name Is Herman
Chapter 2: Ravaged
Chapter 3: Prelude To: Devolution
Chapter 4: Devolution, Part One
Chapter 5: Devolution, Part Two
Chapter 6: Devolution, Part Three
Chapter 7: Devolution, Part Four
Chapter 8: Devolution, Part Five
Chapter 9: Devolution, Part Six
Chapter 10: Devolution, Part Seven
Chapter 11: Devolution, Part Eight
Chapter 12: Devolution Finale
Chapter 13: Prelude To: Avatars
Chapter 14: Avatars, Part One
Chapter 15: Avatars, Part Two
Chapter 16: Avatars, Part Three
Chapter 17: Avatars, Part Fantastic Four
Chapter 18: Avatars, Part Five
Chapter 19: Avatars, Part Six
Chapter 20: Avatars, Part Seven
Chapter 21: Avatars Finale
Chapter 22: Paranoid
Chapter 23: Prelude To: Everything Is Lies
Chapter 24: Everything Is Lies, Part One
Chapter 25: Everything Is Lies, Part Two
Chapter 26: Everything Is Lies, Part Three
Chapter 27: Everything Is Lies, Part Four
Chapter 28: Everything Is Lies, Part Five: the Siege
Chapter 29: Everything Is Lies, Part Six: the Siege 2
Chapter 30: Everything Is Lies, Part Seven
Chapter 31: Everything Is Lies, Part Eight
Chapter 32: Everything Is Lies, Finale
Chapter 33: Naked
Chapter 34: Avenged
Chapter 35: United We Skulk
Chapter 36: Bonus Round
Chapter 37: The End
Chapter 38: Epilogue