Buffy’s Lost Summer

by StoneDog

StoneDog is one of those Buffyfic authors who turned out a decent body of early material, and then never did any more. This is a shame, because his work still holds up … particularly “Buffy’s Lost Summer”, a series of ‘what-if?’ stories following an independent version of the summer after Buffy fled Sunnydale.

Each episode in this series stands on its own, while working the overall story toward the eventual conclusion. There are variations in tone as well as setting, and the characterizations of Giles and the Slayerettes are convincingly done. I agree with Alix Aadler that there was a slightly anticlimactic note to the series conclusion, but in the larger scheme of things, the series still retains a respectable solidity.

1  –  Carnival

2  –  Return to the Lot

3  –  Rumble City

4  –  Buffy Summers’ Day Off

5  –  Bible-Thumper

6  –  Hostage

7  –  Come Together

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